Running song of the week


Day Three

I was determined to feel comfortable. How so? To begin with I changed my running play list. I was so over it. It has been the same one for more than a year, give or take a few songs added and taken away here and there. I added Now 79 (what the hell?! I remember when it was Now 10, anyway…) and took out most of the Glee songs on there. I love Glee but the shuffle loved it more.

Another thing I did was make sure to put my key in a pouch rather than tie it to my shoes. The key chain would not stay put yesterday and I had to stop a couple of times to sort that out. Thank goodness for small sleek running pouches.

Final thing I did was keep to a 1:1 run/walk interval. I hadn’t before and I think staying true to one keeps you on point. Hoping to one day just run it all but for now run/walks are my thing. And the intervals payed off. I ran faster for longer. The chart below shows my interval speeds and compares my speed, elevation and heart rate versus time.

Day Three

Again, I tuckered out at the end. I think I am seriously going to start thinking about keeping a steady pace. I want to start finishing strong. But the question is, am I willing to sacrifice time to do it?