Running Song of the Week


Running while negative

We’re still running slowly but in our defense we have been quite naughty. We missed a couple of mid-week runs and a long one before we left for vacation.

Cotton candy multi-colored sky.

Skipping the runs were either from feeling burnt out or laziness. But either way those breaks felt so good. While on vacation we planned to do two long runs, the 5 miles we missed and another 7 miles. But we only managed 5 miles one day and 2 another. They were the most boring runs I’ve ever experienced in my life. Running on a treadmill that faced a wall would drive anyone batty.

Yesterday we put on our running pants and headed out before giving it much thought. We did 7 miles but man, they were mentally exhausting. My knee only hurt a little but it hurt my confidence a lot. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to finish, with only 3 miles left. I was ready to hop on a bus and head home. But I didn’t. I kept going and we finished. But blocking out the idea of quitting was difficult. I had to reach deep to think positively.

Staying mentally strong has been my biggest problem training. I’m fine with the short runs. It’s the long runs, now that they’re past 5 miles, that really get to me. I leave the house with a heavy heart and a pit in my stomach. That wasn’t the case when we started training. Recently my self-confidence just isn’t there. I am hoping that things will change once we get back on our running schedule this week.

How do you deal with mental hurdles?

Goal: Jump over mental hurdles

I’ve been feeling horribly guilty this week. On two run days this week I woke up feeling like complete shit. I felt tired, drained and completely unmotivated. No amount of coaxing from my husband was going to work. I was not getting out of bed at 6:30AM to run in the rain. Nope. Not happening. I just had one thought in my head: I don’t feel like running, I don’t feel like running…

But of course after I decided not to go I felt even worse. There I was: an able-bodied woman moaning about being tired, refusing to move. Although I physically feel better for giving myself a bit of a break I’m left with that regret over giving into that childishness behavior. Like people say, you don’t regret working out, but you do regret when you don’t.

So my goal for the rest of this week is to think less and run more.